We have published our midpoint report for the first cohort of WEST mentees and mentors and we are thrilled with the results! We launched this cohort with the help of our sponsors: LinkedIn,  GoDaddy,  Box,  Twilio,  Pandora,  Gusto, and  Intuit, and our technology and delivery partner Everwise. Since January, we created over 100 mentee/mentor pairs with participants coming from over 70 companies. Of the survey respondents, nearly ALL WEST mentees and mentors are satisfied with their match and feel "energized" about their partnership.

WEST's mission is to help women thrive in technical roles. Our participants told us at the beginning that although they consider themselves ambitious and want to stay in tech, 15% don't believe they will advance in tech and only 60% feel informed about career options in tech. We hope to improve those numbers by the end of the program. Most of our participants are focused on getting to the next level in their careers, whether that's through specific career planning, developing their personal brand, or improving their skills in creative/innovative thinking, communication, or influence. Of the survey respondents, 74% of WEST mentees report they are making significant progress against their goals. 

Beyond the impact we're having on mentees, I often get asked what the value is for mentors or for the participant's company. Check out what they are saying about WEST:

midpoint mentor quotes.png

I love seeing the impact WEST is having in so many interesting and unexpected ways! You can download the full midpoint report here. We will have more results to share at the end of this cohort in the fall. In the meantime, we are kicking off our next cohort and are excited to have Twitch,  Udemy,  Zendesk,  SurveyMonkey, and Foursquare on board as new sponsors.

We are actively looking for additional mentors, so if you want to learn and grow by helping a women in tech thrive in her career, sign up to Be a WEST Mentor today!