Join the WEST community for a panel and workshop on Planning your Career hosted by Udemy 

Our panelists have had truly interesting careers that didn't always look super linear. They will share insights on what career planning (or not planning!) steps they took, what went well, and what lessons they learned along the way. We'll follow with a workshop to help you start thinking about what your plan might be. 



Natalia Sourdis - Sr Product Designer, Udemy

Natalia works as a senior product designer at Udemy with the goal of making education more accessible around the world. She also oversees product design at Pennybox, a startup improving financial education for kids. Prior to joining Udemy, she managed partners and multidisciplinary teams at to create user-centered products and services across a variety of sectors like financial inclusion, healthcare, and youth empowerment.


Julie Tsai - Cybersecurity Leader & Advisor

Julie is an Infosec leader and Dev specialist with 20 years experience in Silicon Valley technology companies ranging from seven-person startups to Fortune 1. She spent 15 of those years hands-on in the technology full stack: network, sys admin, SRE, deployment, developer. After that, she returned to focus on the human part of the org stack. She graduated from Stanford and is passionate about security, civil liberties, and bettering society through technology (and vice versa). Growing up, she was a classically trained musician, h.s. mathlete and debater, and an avid writer. Nowadays outside of work, she spends time with her family and friends, checking out the occasional graphic novel. 


Rohini Pradeep - VP, Head of Engineering, Little Passports

Building the right technology solution for companies with a stable architecture and team is what drives Rohini Pradeep. She is responsible for leading the development of LittlePassports' overall technology vision and strategy, managing the company’s engineering roadmap, development and technology operations, from concept through delivery to consumers, as well as providing ongoing service operations. Prior to joining LittlePassports, Rohini’s 20-year career spanned a number of roles at various high tech companies including Blurb as SVP, Head of Engineering, Next Issue Media (Texture), Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Lucent Technologies. Rohini earned a B.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Mysore University, India, as well as a M.S. degree in Computer Engineering from San Jose State University, California. 


Shanu Trehan - Direct of Product Management, Udemy

Shanu is currently working at Udemy, a learning platform and marketplace serving both students and instructors where she is directly responsible for the product management team challenged with the opportunity to improve their marketing platforms, enhance pricing, grow payments in the US and internationally, localizing of content, and enhancing internal tools to help Udemy be compliant and secure as a platform. When not thinking about user experience and business goals, Shanu enjoys hiking, gardening, traveling, and helping others get into product management (


Katherine Loh - Director Solutions Engineering, Sift

Katherine has always worked at the intersection of technology and customers. At Sift she leads the Technical Services organization which spans every part of the customer journey from Sales Engineering to Support. She and her team partner with customers to make sure that they see maximum value from Sift's technology. Additionally, Technical Services partners closely with Sift's Product Management and Engineering teams as internal champions for the customer. Katherine has a degree in Cognitive Science and a minor in Computer Science from UC Berkeley. Prior to Sift, she was a Solutions Engineer at IntApp and a Technical Account manager at Google. Outside of work she collects fountain pens, chases her dog Moogle around and loves baking.