Insights on Scaling Engineering at a Startup

Dreamers // Doers is offering WEST participants an opportunity to hear valuable insights from brilliant Emilia Sherifova, CTO of award-winning personal finance consumer startup, LearnVest. The interview and Q&A will be moderated by Heidi Williams, Founder of WEST Diversity & Inclusion.


  • How to build an engineering culture
  • How to hire, onboard and retain top talent
  • How engineering can provide a high level of service to your business + scale your organization
  • +++ ANY other Qs you may have (related to her background)!


Emilia is chief technology officer of an award-winning personal finance consumer startup, LearnVest. She is also leading the Enterprise Architecture/Client and Planning Experience Engineering team at Northwestern Mutual.

At LearnVest, Emilia led technology platform scaling efforts and helped transition the company through the successful acquisition by Northwestern Mutual. Emilia also is helping drive Northwestern Mutual’s digital transformation. Prior to LearnVest, she served in variety to technology leadership roles, including chief technology officer at PulsePoint and OTC Markets.

In addition, the tech veteran has amassed over 15 years of experience in software development and operations management. Emilia holds a graduate degree with concentration in International Business and Finance from Columbia University as well as an advanced certification in software development from NYU.