About Women Entering & Staying in Tech

In 2015 a few Silicon Valley companies came up with the idea for a cross company mentorship program for women in tech, to help women navigate their careers while broadening their network. Although the feedback from participants was positive, there wasn't a scalable model for continuing the program at the time so it was shelved. However, in 2016, Heidi Williams still couldn't shake the idea that there was real value in mentorship for women, especially mid-career women who are leaving tech at twice the rate of men. While many programs are aimed at getting women into tech, WEST hopes to help retain and develop the women who are already here, helping them become our next leaders and role models.

WEST was reborn in August 2016 in partnership with Everwise and led by the efforts of a phenomenal group of volunteers from across the industry. Since the first cohort began in November 2016 we are happy to report serving over 400 participants across 80+ companies with a 90+% satisfaction rate.

If you'd like to join as a mentor, mentee, or corporate sponsor we'd love your help to create and sustain diverse and inclusive environments in tech. 



WEST has partnered with Everwise to deliver this mentoring experience. With Everwise, participants have access to a social learning platform that connects them with content and community. Mentors and mentees also have an Experience Manager, who serves as an on-demand guide for participants working through their journey.


Our Advisors


Karen Catlin

Advocate for Women
in the Tech Industry,


Sarah Clatterbuck

Director of Engineering: Application Infrastructure, Women in Tech & Accessibility, LinkedIn


Elen Awalom

The Ola Initiative
Director of Eng and Ops
Stealth Startup


Rhonda Boyd

Sr Project Manager

Peipei Yu Pollman.jpg

Peipei Yu Pollman

Director of Engineering
Business Strategy and Operations


The Working Group

Heidi Williams


Saxonny Rich

Customer Success Executive,


Manasa Battula

Product Operations Manager,


Renu Asuti

Sales Systems Business Analyst,


Chériana Griggs

User Experience Manager,

Liz Kosinski

Director of People Operations,
Sift Science

Ester Bogod.png
Victoria Hu (1).png

Karen Ko

Office Manager,

Ester Bogod

Sr Software Engineer,
Mix Tech

Victoria Hu

Product Analytics,


Plus... We are hiring! Check out our job description here.


Special Thanks to past WEST Team members...


Han Hong

Senior Customer Success Executive, Everwise

Colman Lydon

VP, Head of Health Sciences & Industry Verticals, Everwise

Viola D. Olayinka

Product Operations,


Lida Tohidi

Team Lead at Omada Health,
Startup Advisor, Founder

Hila Shemer

Product Manager,

Micah Bennett

UX Designer,